7 Tips for Cat-Proofing Your Home

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Are you getting a new feline friend? Buying a house and bringing Fluffy along?

Then cat-proofing should be on your radar — not just to protect your home and belongings, but also to keep your furry pal safe from harm. 

Do you need help cat-proofing your humble abode? Here are seven ways to do it:

  1. Tie up your blind cords. Long, dangly blind cords can endanger your kitty and your window treatments. To remove these temptations, either tie your cords up, high out of reach, or install a cord wrap (often used in baby proofing.)
  2. Invest in covered trash bins — including in the bathrooms. Cats love to get into things, and if there’s stray food or something shiny in there? They’ll want in even more. Make sure your furry friends can’t access your trash cans, recycling bins, compactors, or anything similar.
  3. Steer clear of the foliage. If you’ve got an indoor cat, you may want to avoid bringing in any flowers or living plants. Many of these are dangerous for cats and can be poisonous if swallowed. (Make sure to tell your special someone, too. You don’t want that Valentine’s bouquet to spur an emergency trip to the vet’s office.)
  4. Keep things closed. Anything that your cat can fit into should be closed at all times. That means your toilet, dishwasher, dryer, and even your dresser drawers. Cats are curious by nature, and if it’s open, you can bet they’ll find a way in there.
  5. Designate a chemical cabinet — and lock it up tight. Pick one set of cabinets and put all of your cleaners, chemicals, and other hazardous items in there. Then, install child-proof latches to ensure your feline friend has no way of getting in.
  6. Get a few scratching posts. Unless you want your furniture to become a life-size nail file, invest in a few scratching posts. Position them throughout the house (at least one on each floor), so Fluffy always has a go-to play spot within reach.
  7. Buy some citrus spray. Cats aren’t huge fans of citrus scents, so invest in a few bottles before bringing your furry friend home. If there’s anything you want them to steer clear of (couches, curtains, your shoes), give the area a little spritz before you leave the house.

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