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    Holiday Preparation

    We all know a savvy shopper. Whether it’s your parent or a close friend, it seems like they’re constantly on the lookout for a bargain. They keep an eye out for the best deals year-round, so by the time Black Friday rolls around, their holiday shopping is practically finished. Here are 7 reasons why you might want to start your holiday shopping early this year.


    One of online shopping’s greatest benefits is avoiding crowds at the mall. But online shopping isn’t a cure-all. Many items are hard to shop for online — clothing, especially. Head to the mall or your favorite stores early so you can appreciate the lack of a holiday crowd.


    Another advantage of shopping early is getting to choose from a wide selection of items. As the holidays draw near, the most popular items become scarce, whether it’s the hottest new game system or a toy that’s particularly in demand.  Shop early to avoid short supply of highly coveted items.

    Spreading Out the Expense

    Another reason for early shopping is that you’re not spending your budget all at once. This is particularly true if you’re paying with credit. Buying items as you see them gives you time to pay off your balance and avoid going into the New Year paying excessive interest on holiday purchases.

    Pay with Cash

    And though there’s something to be said about racking up travel rewards or points, shopping early can help you avoid using credit cards entirely. Whenever possible, pay with cash or pay off your debt right away to avoid large balances and high interest fees.

    Price Alerts

    Retailers are always looking for ways to draw customers in once the back-to-school sales are over. You’ll be surprised by the great deals and in-store promotions you’ll find long before Thanksgiving at many of the big box stores (think: Target, Wal-Mart and Best Buy).

    Shipping times

    Shopping early is a great way to avoid wait times for backordered merchandise and avoid the risk of express shipping expenses and late deliveries. And unless you’re an Amazon Prime customer, shopping online can result in exorbitant shipping costs. Instead, buy an item when there’s a promo code for free shipping, even if the holidays are months off.

    Avoid Stress

    Everyone knows holiday shopping can be very stressful. It can also be time consuming, which means you use up valuable time that might be better spent with family and friends. And in the end, aren’t the holidays all about spending time with loved ones?

    Shopping early can mean you tackle your entire gift list or just a few must-haves. But whether or not you’re not enticed by “midnight madness” or “door busters” deals, smart shopping early can save you money, time, and even your sanity — all of which can go toward checking something off your own list.

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