7 Bathroom Renovation Trends to Watch

7 Bathroom Renovation Trends to Watch

With many Americans isolating at home, there’s never been a better time to renovate and remodel. After all, you’re spending most of your time on the property — shouldn’t you make the home as enjoyable as possible?

That’s the thought many homeowners are having, and it’s pushing them to renovate high-use areas like their yards, kitchens, and most of all, their bathrooms. 

Considering a bathroom remodel? Here are 7 trends you’ll want on your radar.

1. Open showers

Open showers offer a two-fold benefit, adding a sleek, minimalistic touch to a bathroom, while also appearing to increase its space. They also make your bathroom feel more spa-like, especially with a wide shower seat and some natural stone tile included.

2. Solo tubs and sinks

Standalone bathtubs and sinks are all the rage right now — saving space and acting as statement pieces all in one fell swoop. White, ceramic ones are the hottest currently, though sleek black and grey options are also on-trend.

3. Statement tile

Gone are the days of plain-jane white or nude tile. Interior designers are now gravitating toward more bold tile options — both on the floor and on the walls. Geometric designs are a top choice, as are patterned ones with bright pops of color. 

4. Wallpaper

In the same vein, wallpaper is making a comeback — particularly the bold and patterned kind. Use it on just one wall as an accent, line your built-ins or closet with it, or do the entire room for an even bigger punch of style.

5. Eye-catching light fixtures

Vanity lighting is out, and statement lights are in. Today’s remodels are utilizing classic wall sconces, hanging pendant lights, and recessed lighting around the sink, tub, and mirror for a more stylistic touch.

6. Heated floors

This one’s more about comfort than appeal — especially as we get closer to the cooler seasons. Just imagine: It’s a cold winter’s day. You step out of the tub onto a toasty, warm floor and slip into your fuzzy robe. What could be more relaxing?

7. Floating vanities

Wall-mounted vanities are replaced the old, traditional grounded sort. They add an element of modern design, while also freeing up more storage space — and who couldn’t use that? 

Remodeling your bathroom during quarantine?

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