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    Thanks to Marie Kondo and her binge-worthy Netflix show, it seems like decluttering their home is on everyone’s mind this spring.

    The “does it spark joy?” question might help some people pare down and adopt a more minimalistic lifestyle, but it doesn’t work for everyone. For the indecisive type, it might even make the process harder!

    Are you looking to declutter this spring without any deep-dive introspective questions? Try these tips instead:

    1. Have a vision

      To start, have an idea of how you want each room to look once all is said and done. You can even thumb through magazines for some inspiration. This will help you gauge what needs to be done and how far you have to go before diving in.

    2. Try the four-box method

      Get four boxes: one for donating, one for throwing away, one for keeping, and one for storing away (maybe holiday items or keepsakes?). Go through your house room by room and fill each box fully.

    3. Invest in hidden storage

      . Flat storage containers are great for adding extra stow-away space under the bed, while pull-out shelves and drawer organizers are helpful in kitchens and bathrooms. They help you maximize your limited storage areas while also keeping your items neat and tidy when hidden away.

    4. Adopt the one-in, one-out mantra

      You can’t declutter if you’re constantly bringing in more stuff. In order to keep clutter from building up, commit to losing one belonging every time you buy something new. If you really want to challenge yourself, up the ante to one-in, two-out instead.

    5. Start with what you can see

      The visible clutter is going to stress you out more than clutter in cabinets, closets, and drawers, so start with the messes you can see. Tackle desktops, tables, and shelves first, before going into deeper areas of the home.

    6. Create a drop-off zone

      For some people this is a mudroom; for others, it’s a shelving unit in a foyer or entryway. The drop-off zone can take many forms, but it’s crucial to keeping your house clutter-free — especially with items like mail, keys, pocket change, jackets, and shoes. You might even want one outside your garage door for outdoor items like umbrellas, muddy boots, etc.

    If you’re still not confident in your ability to declutter, don’t be afraid to bring in a pro. Professional organizers can be a big help – especially if you want help adopting permanent habits to keep your home neat and tidy.

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