6 Tips for Filling Your Fridge When Grocery Prices Are Rising

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Grocery prices are up. Couple that with how much we’re all eating at home these days, and it’s getting harder than ever to keep that pantry stocked.

Fortunately, all hope isn’t lost. 

Do those weekly trips to the grocery store have you burning through your savings? Try these strategies to lighten the load:

1. Buy in bulk.

Make it a point to purchase items you use regularly in bulk. You’ll pay less per item this way, and you’ll also need to make fewer trips to the store (and who wouldn’t want that?) The best items to purchase in bulk are things like toilet paper, paper towels, or dry goods — cereal, oatmeal, granola bars, crackers, etc.

2. Shop online.

Amazon Pantry lets you buy groceries from the comfort of your own home, and shipping is free as long as you spend $35. The best part? It’s super easy to sort by price, and there are always coupons you can clip, too. If you use the site’s “Subscribe & Save” feature, you’ll get yet another discount.

3. Hit multiple stores.

Every store has different pricing policies, and they also run different promotions and sales. Watch the weekly flyers and mailers you get from nearby grocery stores, and plan your meals accordingly. Then, make a multi-store trip to snag all those deals. It might be a bit of a hassle, but it can save you significantly each week.

4. Buy damaged items.

Stores will often give you a deal on dented cans, egg cartons with a few broken shells, or other damaged products that might be on the shelves. You can also save by choosing off-brand items only. (You’ll pay a lot more for all that branding and marketing the big companies have to do). 

5. Start your own garden.

If you have a green thumb, try your hand at planting a few vegetables to offset those grocery bills. Tomatoes are particularly easy to grow, as are things like lettuce, cucumbers, and carrots. You could also plant a few herbs, too, and save on your spice purchases.

6. Shop local farms and farmers’ markets.

Not the gardening type? Find neighbors who are. Head out to local farmers’ markets, or get in touch with nearby farms for milk, cheese, fruit, veggies, and even rice. You might even be able to buy monthly subscriptions of seasonal items. 

Get creative

Don’t let rising grocery costs get you down. Get creative, shop around, and don’t be afraid of a few dented cans or broken eggs. A stocked fridge and pantry are still within reach.

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