6 Packing Hacks to Make Your Move Easier

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Color coding your boxes, packing room by room, and using your blankets, towels, and sheets as packing materials — these are all moving tips you’ve heard before.

Want something a little more creative? Maybe some packing hacks you’d never thought of?

Then we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best little-known packing and moving tips we could round up:

Take pre-packing photos.

Let’s face it: there’s a lot going on during a move. Between packing, arranging movers and vans, closing on your next house and just taking care of your day to day needs, you’ve got a million balls in the air at once. Remembering what goes where and how it’s all arranged? That’s probably not at the top of your priority list.

To save yourself some headache — and take one more thing off your plate during this stressful time — use your phone for a quick pre-packing photo shoot. Before you put a single thing in boxes, walk from room to room snapping photos of furniture, wall hangings, shelves, cabinets and more — anything you know you want to recreate in the new home.

Be especially careful to take pics of anything slightly complicated — like that gallery wall you love over the stairs, or your closet, if it’s specially organized or color-coded. Taking photos of cords, plugs, and accessories with the appliances they belong to is also among little-known packing hacks.

Get creative in the kitchen.

Kitchen items take a while to pack. You have so many plates, appliances, gadgets, and utensils, it often accounts for a quarter of all your boxes or more. To keep your kitchen clutter to a minimum, try packing items within larger items. A good example? Store spices in crockpots, saucepans, and bakeware, instead of giving them their own box. You can also store utensils in potholders, and stow cups, plasticware, and other small items in your microwave or toaster oven during travel.

The main idea here? Think of everything you pack as its own potential packing receptacle. Could you put anything inside it before stowing it in a box? Could you stack it within another item to save on space? Try to get creative where you can.

Pack in layers.

Boxes don’t have to be dedicated to just one room or one part of the house. Have items from different places you need packed up? Just pack them in layers. Fill the bottom with pieces from the first room, then lay down a few pieces of newspaper or even some paper plates. Layer the next room’s items on top of that, and keep going on until the box is full. You can even label each layer to make it easy to unpack and put everything where it belongs. Packing hacks like this are super helpful when unpacking drawers, cabinets, and shelves, too.

Separate wires, cords, and plugs with toilet paper rolls.

Start saving up those cardboard paper towel and toilet paper rolls now, because they’ll come in handy when it’s time to move. Cardboard rolls are perfect for keeping cords, wires and plugs from getting lost, mixed up and tangled. You just fold each cord up, stick it in a roll and tape the entire thing to the back of the appliance or fixture it goes with. You could also put all your cords and wires together in a single box (just make sure to use a Sharpie and clearly label each roll so you know where it goes.)

Don’t empty the drawers.

Dressers and cabinets may be lighter if you empty the drawers, but emptying, packing and reloading them later on? That’s probably even more work. Instead of unloading those drawers and putting all their contents in boxes, consider leaving them put. Just tape up the drawers or, better yet, wrap the entire dresser or unit in plastic wrap. This will keep drawers from opening up or shifting in transit. You can also use packing hacks like this on shoe racks, nightstands, vanity tables, and more.

Use suitcases to your advantage.

Suitcases — particularly the rolling kind — are perfect for hauling heavy-duty items like books or tools. They’re also good for oddly shaped items or things that need a little extra padding and care. Just add some blankets and towels, and use them for your most valued china, vases, and other precious items.

You can also use other travel bags, like duffels, backpacks, and messenger bags, for packing, but they might not be ideal for heavy or fragile items. Those are best reserved for hardcover rolling suitcases instead.

A Stress-free Move

Use these handy packing hacks and tips to make your upcoming move easier and less stressful. Want more help ensuring your home buying process and move is stress-free? Then use an experienced lender like Embrace Home Loans. Contact us today to learn more about we can help.


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