6 Morning Routines to Become an Early Riser

how to become an early riser: Man outside at sunrise

When you wake up earlier, you no longer have to rush to get your day started and you have a little bit of time to relax and accomplish tasks before you have to jet to work. So, how do the most successful people spend their mornings? Let’s find out.

1. Quick workout

For some people, working out is the last thing they want to do in the morning, but for others getting a quick workout in is just what they need to get their day started. Hopping out of bed, grabbing a healthy juice or smoothie, and then heading to a workout class can energize you for the entire day — and help you get focused to tackle whatever the day may bring.

2. Relax

Waking up early enough to be able to sit down and enjoy breakfast and a cup of coffee can change your entire mood for the day. You won’t have to rush to get ready and you can get caffeinated at your kitchen table while watching your favorite morning shows.

3. Write

Spending some time in the morning writing out thoughts or even making a to-do list for all that needs to be done that day. This can help you map out your day and gives you a few minutes of calm every morning before you have to go to work and have to tackle everything that needs to be accomplished.

4. Eat a balanced breakfast

You know what they say about breakfast being the most important meal of the day? Well, it really is. First, you won’t go to work hungry and end up spending money on a so-so breakfast and second, you can sit down and really enjoy your meal without having to rush. Make some toast, fry up some eggs, and nibble on some bacon and you will feel full and ready to rumble at work.

5. Catch up on email

Sometimes it’s easy to wake up feeling overwhelmed when you have a ton of emails waiting for you. Some early risers like to catch up on emails before heading into the office so they can be ahead of the curve and knock out a few emails at home where there are fewer distractions.

6. Take a walk

Some early risers avoid the gym but still get some exercise in by taking a nice stroll around the neighborhood for some fresh air and peace and quiet before the whole world wakes up. This can be a nice way to get energized for the day without having to hit the gym and you can spend this time alone with little distraction.

While some people are naturally morning people, you can train yourself to become a morning person if you aren’t one, simply by establishing a morning routine and giving yourself some extra time before work to enjoy yourself. The way you spend your mornings is entirely up to you, just make it count!

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