5 Tips for Creating the Laundry Room You’ve Always Wanted

5 Tips for Creating the Laundry Room You’ve Always Wanted

Laundry rooms are one of the most in-demand home features around right now — particularly spacious ones with lots of storage, ample counter space, and maybe even a sink for extra washing.

But what if your laundry space isn’t so hot? Or the new place you’re buying has a less-than-magazine-worthy utility room?

All hope is not lost. Want to transform your space into the laundry room you’ve always wanted?

Here Are 5 Simple DIY Ways for Creating a Great Laundry Room:

  • Add a hanging rack using a shower curtain rod

    Don’t have anywhere to hang delicates or put your weekly dry cleaning pick-up? Try a shower curtain rod. These can be easily installed with just a few twists and a click into place. You can even paint them to match your existing decor.

  • Add extra storage to closets and cabinets

    Low on storage space? Install organizers and door racks in the room’s only closet, or put extra shelving in the cabinets. This helps you make better use of your existing space, without taking up any more real estate in the room.

  • Install a counter or shelf

    Nowhere to fold and fluff clothes? Add a counter or flat wood shelf a few inches above your washer and dryer. When a load comes out of the dryer, put it on the shelf, fold it, and place it in a basket to put away. You’ll never be overwhelmed with folding again!

  • Fix your ironing board to the wall

    Instead of letting your giant ironing board take up valuable real estate in your laundry room, opt for a smaller, wall-mounted one. There are even ones that can be recessed into the wall. This eliminates tedious ironing set-up and helps you maximize your limited utility room space (a win-win!)

  • Try a hideaway hamper

    Are your hampers taking up all your floor space? Hide them away in a cabinet or closet. You can even put them on roll-out racks or in deep drawers for easy access. If your cabinets or drawers are made of wood, make sure to line the space with plastic or some sort of waterproof material to keep wet clothes from penetrating it.

Creating a killer laundry room doesn’t have to be hard — or expensive. With these handy hacks, your dream utility room is just a few stops at Home Depot away. Want help financing your laundry room upgrades? Contact Embrace Home Loans to learn more about a cash-out refinance today.

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