5 Steps to Giving Your LinkedIn Profile a Makeover

update LinkedIn profile

When is the last time you looked at your LinkedIn profile? Perhaps it’s been a couple of days, or even months. Since LinkedIn is the platform for business professionals, you want to ensure that your profile is up to date and looks professional.

Give your LinkedIn profile a facelift with these 5 steps

Step #1: Update your current responsibilities

Is your job title correct? Do you have your current company listed or is it a previous employer? Make sure these things are all up to date and have the correct information. Next, you’ll want to make sure you have your most recent job and title listed in the experience section as well. This is just a quick scan to see if anything looks out of date. This is one of the first things people will see when they look at your profile.

Step #2: Update your photo

Your LinkedIn profile needs to have a professional and clear photo. The photo should show that you are successful and trustworthy. Get rid of the selfie and use a professional headshot that is current and actually looks like you. If you do not have a headshot, try to find a spot to take a photo that has a clean white background. Having a clear photo, even if it is not a professional headshot, is better than having no photo at all. Many people will not connect with those on LinkedIn who do not have a photo.

Step #3: Rewrite your headline

Your headline is one of the first thing viewers will see when they visit your profile. Each time you change your current position or company, LinkedIn defaults your headline to the updated title. You want a unique and compelling headline to make you stand out from the millions of other LinkedIn users. Instead of “mortgage loan officer” you could use something like, “mortgage loan officer working with clients to achieve lifetime goals.” This is much more unique and will help set you apart from the competition.

Step #4: Make connections

Are you connected to all of your colleagues? Have you connected with the LO from another company you met last week at a networking event? Take the stack of business cards you have collected from others in your desk and start connecting with them on LinkedIn. Connections are what LinkedIn is truly built for, so don’t leave potential connections waiting to be accepted.

Step #5: Ask for a recommendation

Recommendations are a great tool to use when trying to attract new clients. Reach out to current or past clients you have worked with and ask them to give you a recommendation on LinkedIn. You can also ask colleagues or superiors if they would recommend you as well. When people view your profile, they will see positive comments and it may lead to a new client or two.

At last count, there were nearly 600 million on LinkedIn. Make sure you’re presenting yourself in a unique way that helps you stand out and allows people get to know your professional side.

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