5 Gifts for Your Administrative Assistant’s Home

Six gifts for your administrative assistant

Is there someone in your office who handles your appointments, answers your phone, or just all in all makes your job easier and more manageable?

Then you’ll want to mark April 25 in your calendar.

Officially dubbed Administrative Professionals’ Day, April 25 is when we honor all those great support staffers who lift us up, keep us organized, and make us the best version of ourselves we can be.

But what do you do for someone you can’t do without? Sure, there are flowers, morning donuts, or a lunch out, but if you’ve got a truly great administrative assistant on your hands, those gifts are too fleeting to really show your appreciation.

A better option? Something for their home—something they can enjoy and take comfort in when they’re outside those office walls. Here are a few options:

  • Succulents – If you were originally thinking flowers, consider succulents instead. Easy to care for and super long-lasting, they’re a great constant reminder of just how thankful you are for your assistant. A bonus? They can actually improve air quality, too.
  • Great coffee – Give your assistant the fuel they need to get started in the morning—or perk up when they get home. Make sure to find out if they have a Keurig or a traditional coffee maker (so you can get the right kind) and tap their coworkers for favorite flavors and fixings.
  • Blue Apron / Hello Fresh for a month – No one likes to come home and slave over dinner, so make things easy on your favorite assistant. Buy them a month’s worth of Blue Apron or Hello Fresh meals and give them their evenings back!
  • A set of stemless wine glasses – Help your assistant wind down with a nice set of wine glasses and their favorite bottle of vino. Opt for stemless ones if possible, as these look great on display and also won’t take up too much cabinet real estate.
  • A nice throw blanket – Cable knit throw blankets offer a great touch to any space, and they’ll help your assistant stay warm and cozy during the cold nights. It’s the perfect way to relax after a long day at the office.

Are you ready for Administrative Assistants Day? Don’t leave it to the last minute. Show your staff you really care by helping them spruce up their homes and live better, richer lives—outside office hours.

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