5 Best Places for Veterans to Live

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Retired military members have a lot to consider when choosing where to buy a home.

Are there jobs in the area where they can transfer their military skills? Is there a VA hospital or doctor nearby? Are there programs and facilities available to help them further their education?

Not every city fits the bill. Fortunately, WalletHub recently used housing and employment data to round up the best locales for America’s veterans. Need a great place to move? Here are some of the top options:

Austin, Texas

If you’re on the retired military home-buying hunt, Austin is the place to go. According to WalletHub’s data, the city is rife with jobs, it has a strong economy, and the quality of life it offers veterans is high. Bonus points: there are many military bases in nearby San Antonio, meaning many veterans might not have to move far!

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs is tops in quality of life for veterans, and it has a strong economy and job market, too. The small Western city also offers plenty of skiing and outdoor activities for the active sort.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

With the best economy and the second-best quality of life, Virginia Beach is a no-brainer for many retired military members.

Fremont, California

For veterans with health concerns, Fremont may be your best bet. WalletHub ranked the cities health facilities at No. 1. It also took the top spot for jobs, making it an ideal place for those just transitioning to civilian life.

Seattle, Washington

It seems the West is home to many of the nation’s most veteran-friendly cities. Seattle has the second-best veteran job market and is ranked highly for quality of life, too. The city is also quickly become the county’s newest tech hub, meaning more jobs—and higher paying ones—are likely in the pipeline.

Where to Avoid

When it comes to VA home buying, veterans should steer clear of Detroit. According to WalletHub’s data, the city ranks near the very bottom on all fronts—jobs, economy, health, and quality of life. Newark, New Jersey, and Baltimore, Maryland, are also poor choices.

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