5 of the Best Online Sites for Space Saving Tips and More

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As the old adage goes “nature abhors a vacuum”. It doesn’t seem to matter how much space we have, clutter will accumulate. Space saving has become a multi-billion dollar industry with specialized interior designers willing to reconfigure your closets, attic and basement. There are simpler and more affordable ways to reclaim space or find new solutions.

There’s no end to the helpful hints online. Here are five of the sites you’ll want to bookmark for inspiration. Whether its tips for creating more space, remodeling, renovating, or design, these sites are among our top picks.

1. Apartment Therapy: Don’t be fooled by the name

Whether you live in an apartment or home, Apartment Therapy is an invaluable source of clever space saving solutions. A quick look at their “All Categories” page and you’ll see this is a great site for trolling ideas or help with more detailed projects. Filled with inspiring photos and instructional video, you ‘ll find some truly brilliant space saving tips. Be sure to check out their special section devoted to “small spaces.”

2. House Logic

Brought to you by the National Association of Realtors,House logic is clear, concise and focused on time and money saving suggestions for your home projects. With focus on “supporting home ownership” and particular emphasis on sustainability the site, is clean and easy to navigate. If you’re looking for great “green living” ideas, this is the place to go.

3. This Old House

Those of you who own an older home know a lack of closet space can be a real problem. Since the late 1970’s the Public Broadcasting Systems’ “This Old House” has been a mainstay for anyone looking to renovate and restore an older home. The TOH website menu offers a range of “how to’s” for everything from kitchen cabinets to making the most of small spaces. If you own an older home and are looking for detailed videos to guide you through your next home project, this is a great place to start.


Of course the advent of cable brought us “the” 24-hour channel devoted to houses and home improvement projects. Originally called the Home, Lawn and Garden Channel, HGTV offers in depth programming covering every aspect of the “home” experience, from house hunting to redecorating on a budget. On this site you’ll find links to all your favorite programs as well as lots of ideas to inspire. Be sure to check out the HGTV blog “Design Happens.” You’ll find everything from space saving ideas to some very tasty recipes.

5. DIY: Why not?

Do it yourself, once a phrase, now a movement, and finally a Network, brings its full roster of programs to the internet. Brought to you by the same folks who brought you HGTV, DIY (the spin-off network was intended to appeal more to men than its sister channel) offers a broad scope of projects including painting, plumbing, electrical and more. Check out their full library of instructional videos, search the site for advice from expert carpenters, painters, plumbers and interior designers. On DIY you can even watch vintage episodes of “This Old House.”

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