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    Thanksgiving is a special time of year to reflect on what you’re thankful for and celebrate the joys in your life. And, as much as you may love stuffing yourself with turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie, it’s good practice to share your gratitude for the people in your life all year long.

    In fact, two groups of people you work closely with all the time — your coworkers and your clients — would love to hear how grateful you are to work with them.

    Wouldn’t you?

    Here’s a quick list of 4 ways you can say thanks all year long to your coworkers and your clients

    1. Send them a heartfelt thank you note

    The easiest way to share your appreciation with a colleague or client is to take a moment to reach out by sending a message — in any form. Send a quick message, elaborate on an email, or put pen to paper and send a message with the help of the Postal Service.

    A text message thank you

    Text your coworker a quick thanks if they go out of the way to do something helpful, like grab you a coffee on their way into work or answer a few calls for you when you’re slammed with a project.

    A text message thank you

    Already sitting in front of the computer?

    Open up a blank email, think about a person who you’re grateful for, whether it be a client who keeps you busy with work, or a colleague who helps you juggle your work, and tell them exactly what it is about them that you appreciate.

    It’s a quick, easy, and painless process.

    A handwritten thank you

    Though, nothing quite beats a handwritten letter, especially in a digital world when messages are shared faster than we can process them. Sending a thank you note to clients after you’re done working together is great, but what about a message to let them know you appreciate them taking their business to you when you first close a deal?

    2. Share your gratitude publicly

    Linkedin endorsement

    LinkedIn is a great place to share your gratitude for your colleagues. All you have to do here is write an endorsement of their skills and character. Better yet, if you’re feeling extra grateful, you can also type up a post and share it with your entire network.

    During a team meeting

    Another option is to share your gratitude at work.

    If you have a weekly team meeting, speak up and thank your coworker in front of the group. Explain what they did and why it was so helpful to you. To practice gratitude as a team, make it a point to start each meeting cheering each other on for the hard work and team support that’s occurred since you last met.

    Share with a supervisor

    Too shy to stand up in a meeting? Take a moment to email or meet with your colleague’s direct supervisor and let them know what a great job you think your peer is doing.

    Share confidentially

    Depending on your work’s rules, it might be a bit more difficult to thank your clients publicly. However, if you are bound by confidentiality requirements, there are still options for publicly sharing your appreciation for your clients.

    For example, share a quick note on social media without referencing their names or and project details. A simple note will get noticed by the person it’s intended for.

    Here’s an example of how to share your gratitude publicly without saying who you’re speaking about:

    “I just left a great closing with a client who was always so prompt, kind, and courteous. I’m so grateful to work with clients like you!”

    3. Send them a treat

    Who doesn’t love a present, especially if that present comes in the form of a sweet treat? There’s very few people who will turn away chocolates or candy, but they aren’t the only ways of showing your appreciation. For a quick thanks, grab a tea if you’re working in the office or send an e-gift card to your colleagues’ favorite coffee shop if you’re stationed remotely.

    Sharing treats with clients has gotten much easier with access to online shopping. Buy a fruit basket, food subscription box, coffee subscription, or a wine-of-the-month delivery. Send a box of chocolate-covered apples.

    A small token of your appreciation like this may seem like no big deal to you, but it can make a lasting impression for the recipient.

    4. Make a charitable donation in their name 

    If you want to do something and not simply say something, but you have absolutely no clue what type of snacks your colleague or clients enjoy, and you can’t imagine what else you’d gift them, consider donating to a charity in their honor.

    Bonus points if you donate to an organization that aligns with your client’s interests — if you know them of course. For example, if you’re working with an animal lover, you could “adopt” a pet at a zoo. The animal would get part of its care covered, and your client or coworker would receive animal updates throughout the year.

    If you’re unsure of their interests, pick a charity that you support, and explain to them why that charity is particularly important to you.

    Bottom line on giving thanks to your coworkers and clients

    These four suggestions are a great starting place to channel an attitude of gratitude, but remember — there’s really no “right” way to say thank you. Whatever you choose will be meaningful. Just step up and say something!

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