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    Figuring out your career path and loving what you do can be difficult for many people. The good news, though, is that there are ways you can find worth in what you do and give yourself purpose at work.

    1. Know that purpose isn’t limiting

    A rookie mistake in trying to find purpose is believing that it has to be one single, world-changing thing. Purpose can be found in the smallest things in life, like holding the elevator open for someone in a rush or just asking a co-worker how their day is going. Take a deep breath and give yourself time to slow your mind down. You don’t need to end world hunger in order to have a career that is worthwhile.

    2. Determine what drives you

    What do you value? What drives you to want to succeed? Being able to determine what things in life motivate you to show up to work every day will help you find worth in what you are doing because what you are doing ultimately gets you closer to your goals. If you value connection, find new ways at work to collaborate and partner with people.

    3. Realize that you affect others

    When you show up to work every day, your attitude and your work affect everyone around you. Maybe your cheery mood brightened someone’s day, but then again maybe your bad mood negatively affected those around you. As they say, misery loves company. In the mortgage business, you get to help others accomplish a huge life goal of purchasing a home — don’t put a damper on this exciting moment with bad energy. Realize that how you act (and react) affects more than just you.

    4. Do not procrastinate

    Procrastination will kill off many opportunities for you to grow and become who you want to be at work. Think of all the times you questioned yourself because you waited until the last minute to do something and did not give it your all. When you are giving your best effort to each thing you do at work, you will produce higher quality results and you will find greater worth in what you do simply because you will learn more. You can miss out on a lot of key information by waiting until the last minute and rushing.

    There will be days when you don’t want to show up to work, but there will also be days where you can’t wait to get to the office and show off all that you can do. Remember that while your career is a form of self-worth, it is not the summation of all that makes you worthy.

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