4 Ways to Deal with Difficult Real Estate Clients

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You’ll encounter all kinds of clients as a real estate agent. Sometimes, you’ll get the friendliest, most agreeable buyer on the planet. In other instances, you might get someone a little less fun to work with.

While you can obviously choose to part ways with a troublesome client (unless you already have a contract in place), the truth is you don’t have to if you want to save that commission.

Are you currently dealing with a hard-to-work-with customer? Just want to be ready in case you do? Here are four ways to deal with a difficult real estate client and see it through ’til the end:

1. Be proactive.

Educate them on the process and help them accurately set their expectations from the very start. Tell them what services you’ll be providing, what it will cost them, and what their responsibilities will be along the way. This can prevent a lot of confusion and frustration as they get further into the transaction.

2. Deliver a heavy dose of empathy.

People get emotional when buying and selling real estate. It makes sense, too. After all, they’ve got thousands and thousands of hard-earned dollars on the line (as do you!) If a client gets worked up or emotional, recognize that it may be their stress acting up. Be empathetic, sympathize with their concerns, and ease their worries however possible. Sometimes, a little support can go a long way.

3. Listen attentively.

Many times, clients just want to vent and have their frustrations heard. When this happens, stay calm and listen to their struggles carefully. Even if you can’t help ease whatever is frustrating the client, you can use the conversation to better understand their needs and where they’re coming from. This sets the entire transaction up for smoother sailing.

4. Don’t try to win.

If a client confronts you or tries to argue, there’s no “winning” by fighting back. You either lose the commission or you upset your client — neither of which is good for business. Approach the situation logically, tell them you understand the frustrations they’re feeling, and ask them to work with you on finding a fitting solution. Let them know you’re in their corner no matter how upset they might be.

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