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    Moving into a new house is hard on everyone.

    Aside from the packing, unpacking, and physical labor aspect of it, there’s also a lot of emotion involved. You’re closing one chapter and opening another. You’re leaving behind memories and friends. Your everyday life is changing.

    It can be a lot to take in — especially for the littlest members of the family.

    Fortunately, kids are resilient. And while most adjust quickly to new changes, as a parent, there are a few things you can do to help ease the transition and make things less stressful for your children. You can:

    1. Involve them in the buying process. Your move shouldn’t come out of left field. Involve your kids in the process from the very start. Take them on showings, let them sit with you when browsing listings, and ask their opinion as you evaluate potential properties. Get them excited about the move from the very beginning.
    2. Give them some decorating power. One way to get kids excited about an impending move is to give them a little leeway in the decorating department. Buy them some magazines, and let them pick out design elements they want to see in their new rooms. Head to the hardware store and pick up paint samples to consider. Help them shop for new posters, bed sheets, or shelves for their room.
    3. Let them explore. New homes come with completely unfamiliar layouts, not to mention hidden nooks, crannies, and closets that might be interesting (or even scary) to your kiddos. Before the big move, hold their hand and walk them through the entire property from end to end. Open every door, closet, and cabinet, and let them see there’s nothing to fear. Then give them free reign to explore on their own a bit. (Maybe a game of hide and seek?)
    4. Bring in elements of home. Making the new home seem somewhat familiar can also help ease the transition. Do they have a favorite toy or blanket? Unpack that first and make sure it’s in their room on day one. Are they used to having a certain picture on their nightstand? Poster on their wall? Nightlight by their bed? Bring these in early to offer some comfort during the early days.

    From the initial home search to the big moving day, do your best to make the process fun for your child. Build anticipation for the new home, and try to address any hesitancies, worries, or concerns early on — before they can overwhelm your little ones.

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