4 Tips for Downsizing Your Home

Couple downsizing their home

Not everyone’s looking for a spacious, square-foot laden property. In fact, many buyers want just the opposite.

Whether they’re retiring and looking for something low-maintenance or they’re hopping on the tiny house bandwagon, downsizing is a common trend among all age groups and generations —from empty-nester Baby Boomers down to urban-dwelling Millennials.

Still, while the point of downsizing might be to reduce maintenance, clutter, or cost, that doesn’t mean the process of getting there is easy. Are you considering downsizing your home? Looking to cut back on real estate, space, or maybe just belongings? Here are some downsizing tips to help:

  • Edit furniture, décor, & belongings now – Go ahead and start whittling down your household items now — before you find your smaller property. Chances are you’ll have to cut back even further once you buy the home, so start donating or selling any items you don’t use or don’t need. Anything you move to your new house should serve an immediate purpose or come with a special emotional tie. To determine which items these are, ask yourself: If you were to lose everything in your current home, what would you replace?
  • Focus on storage – Great storage solutions are the key to living a well-organized, clutter-free life in a smaller property. When you go about your new home search, keep storage on your radar as you attend showings. What is closet space like? Drawers? Cabinetry? Is there a shed, garage, or attic? Remember, you can always add shelving units and other organizational systems once you move in — so keep this in mind.
  • Don’t buy anything – It can be tempting to go decor shopping once you find that new home, but be strong. Paring down your belongings is hard enough without adding something new to the mix. Steer clear of shopping trips as you’re looking to downsize, and discourage friends and family from large housewarming gifts. Gift cards, dinners, or small succulents are a better option!
  • Make multipurpose the goal – Items that can serve multiple purposes are the Holy Grail when downsizing. A coffeepot that also serves as a hot plate? Winner. A footstool that also offers storage? Done. A cuckoo clock with hidden drawers and shelving? Perfect. Double-duty décor and furniture are vital in a smaller home.

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