4 Scents That Sell Homes (And 3 That Don’t!)

smells that sell homes

A home certainly needs to look great when it’s on the market — that’s a given. But sight isn’t the only sense you’ll want to please if you want to move that property.

Definitely not.

If you really want your home to sell fast — or at a good price — then you need to please all the senses. That includes sight, touch, taste, hearing, and yes, even smell.

That last one surprises many sellers, but really, smells and scents can have a big impact on what a buyer thinks of your property. Here are just a few of the scents that can help you sell — and a few that can actually hurt your chances.

The good:

  • Citrus smells – These scents make a home seem bright, fresh and clean. Pro tip: Grind up a little lemon or orange peel in the garbage disposal for a longer-lasting smell.
  • Vanilla – Vanilla just feels warm and cozy — like a fresh-baked cupcake or cool cup of ice cream. Try placing a vanilla candle or two throughout the home, or use vanilla extract on faux plants or other pieces of décor.
  • Laundry – You know that smell that a freshly washed basket of laundry has? That’s the perfect scent for an interested buyer. It’s welcoming, familiar, and feels just like home — exactly what you want.
  • Cinnamon and cloves – If you’re selling in the wintertime, boil up a mixture of cinnamon and cloves on the stove. It gives off a holiday-like smell that’s as inviting as it is delicious.

The bad:

  • Cigarette smoke – The stench of cigarette smoke can’t be removed easily. Even getting rid of furniture, re-painting walls and getting a pro cleaning team on site often doesn’t help — and for a non-smoker, those smells are usually a deal breaker.
  • Strong food smells – Baking cookies is one thing, but don’t broil a piece of salmon or make garlic stew just before a showing. Food is a very personal thing, and you never know what someone might hate — or even be allergic to.
  • Pet smells – If you have a pet, buyers shouldn’t be able to detect it from smell alone. Make sure to vacuum the carpet, wash your pet’s bedding and put away smelly food bowls or toys before a buyer arrives. Again, they could have a distaste for certain animals or even be allergic to them.

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