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    Whether you’re redesigning your whole house or just freshening up a room or two, there are many reasons why you may want to hire an interior designer to help with the job. We’ve laid a few of the most convincing reasons out for you below.

    4 reasons why hiring an interior designer might be the best idea you’ve had in a while

    1. The whole process will be much easier for you

    First and foremost, hiring an interior designer is a smart move if the idea of taking the time to design a room feels like work to you. An interior designer’s job is to take this task off of your plate and make the process much easier for you.

    A professional interior designer will take care of all the legwork for your design. You won’t have to go from store to store searching for the perfect rug to go with your new couch or the best comforter to match your updated bedroom suite. Your designer will likely take care of searching and bring you a few options to choose from.

    They will also probably handle coordinating all the different parts of your design, meaning that you won’t be stuck at home waiting for deliveries.

    2. You’ll have help budgeting and planning

    Another benefit of hiring professional help when you go to design a space is that you will have assistance planning and budgeting out the job. In truth, furniture and home goods are expensive. Few people go into a design project already knowing what they want to spend and often experience sticker shock when they finally do get a chance to see how much things cost.

    However, with a designer, you’ll be able to create a realistic budget well before you even look at a piece of furniture. You’ll also have a better chance of sticking to that budget throughout the design process. Designers are used to working with budget constraints all of the time and it’s very likely that a trained designer will keep your bottom line in mind.

    That level of planning will also occur throughout the rest of the project. During the design process, you likely receive different layouts, mood boards, and other materials, which you will be able to tweak as needed until you’ve landed on your perfect, finished product.

    3. Your design will benefit from a trained eye

    Even if you think you have an eye for aesthetics, your design is very likely to benefit from having a trained eye at the helm. Your interior designer has likely practiced this craft for a long time and knows how to put individual design elements together in a way that makes the most sense.

    For one, interior designers are less likely to make big, consequential mistakes. For example, while someone who’s not used to taking furniture measurements might accidentally order a couch that won’t fit through the front door, a trained professional is going to know how to do all of those little-but-very important tasks.

    For another, interior designers have a wealth of tricks and knowledge at their disposal that can help give your finished room a professionally-done look and feel. For instance, they know how to buy rugs that are the exact right size for the room and to organize seating areas in a way that feels welcoming instead of alienating.

    4. You might even save money

    Finally, choosing to work with an interior designer might help you save some money on the project. Though you’ll be paying the designer’s fees, working with a professional is enough to get you a discount at many big-name furniture stores.

    At West Elm, for example, they offer a percentage discount for anyone who orders their items through a professional. While that may not seem like that much at the outset, if you’re ordering a lot of bigger furniture pieces, the savings could be enough to pay for your designer’s fees a few times over.

    Even if you aren’t going to get your furniture through West Elm, it may be worth asking the store of your choice if they offer some sort of professional discount. You never know what discounts or bonuses might be available to you.

    The bottom line

    The decision to work with a designer is ultimately a personal one. However, it does come with quite a few benefits. If you’re on the fence about hiring a designer, go ahead and interview a few to see what they can offer you. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

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