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     Multiple factors need to be taken into consideration when choosing a countertop for your home kitchen. Aside from the aesthetic considerations of color and style, cost, durability and maintenance are key. Here’s an overview and a place to start.

    Here are three Ted Talks that looks at what we mean when we talk about home.

    Where is Home? – Pico Iyer


    Where is home TED Talk

    More and more people worldwide are living in countries not considered their own. Writer Pico Iyer — who himself has three or four “origins” — meditates on the meaning of home, the joy of traveling and the serenity of standing still.

    Ingenious Homes in Unexpected Places – Iwan Baan

    In the center of Caracas, Venezuela, stands the 45-story “Tower of David,” an unfinished, abandoned skyscraper. But about eight years ago, people started moving in. Photographer Iwan Baan shows how people build homes in unlikely places, touring us through the family apartments of Torre David, a city on the water in Nigeria, and an underground village in China. Glorious images celebrate humanity’s ability to survive and make a home — anywhere.

    Don’t Build Your Home, Grow it! – Mitchell Joachim

    TED Fellow and urban designer Mitchell Joachim presents his vision for sustainable, organic architecture: eco-friendly abodes grown from plants and — wait for it — meat.

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