2022 Home Design Trends to Have on Your Radar

2022 Home Design Trends to Have on Your Radar

Design trends — like any fads — come and go.

Years ago, shag carpeting and shell-shaped sinks were the “it” feature to have. Today? Those features are far from on-trend.

How is your home’s design holding up to the changing times? Just want to give your space a nice refresh for the new year?

1. Hints of vintage.

With supply chain delays and rising prices on furniture and all kinds of consumer goods, many people are turning to vintage items and antiques — things more easily sourced (and affordable). These include pieces like vintage chairs, headboards, and sofas, as well as antique decor items like mirrors, lamps, and frames.

2. Versatility.

If the pandemic taught us one thing, it’s that your home needs to be flexible. We need to be able to work there, play there, get fit there, and even school our children there — all at a moment’s notice. In light of all this, more flexible rooms are a big trend for 2022. Think dining rooms with designated homework spots or guest rooms with office space or a workout area in them. Converting basements or garages into more usable space is another option as well.

3. Au natural.

This year is all about going natural. House plants and biophilic design are hot, as are more nature-inspired aesthetics — muted tones of green, brown, and beige, as well as leafy prints and tons of natural lighting. These create a calming environment that feels light, open, and welcoming.

4. Green hues.

According to the major paint companies, green tons are going to be some of the 2022 home design trends to watch. Sherwin-Williams has chosen Evergreen Fog as its color of the year — a sort of grey-ish, muted green, while Benjamin Moore picked October Mist, a more silvery green. Walmart’s Better Homes and Gardens paint line went with Laurel Leaf green, and Glidden chose Guacamole, a much brighter hue of green than the others.

Need help paying for your new green paints or the vintage lamps you’ve been eyeing? Want to try out one of the other 2022 home design trends? A cash-out refinance may be an option. Get in touch with an Embrace Home Loans office in your area today to talk through your options.

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