12 Ways to Create a More Spa-Like Bathroom

12 Ways to Create a More Spa-Like Bathroom

When it comes to your bathroom, environment is everything. In a zen-like, spa-inspired setting, you’ll get that R&R you need — feeling inspired to kick back, let the day’s stress melt away, and just take some time for yourself. 

A stark, clinical, barren bathroom, though? You’ll probably be in and out in minutes — and where’s the relaxation in that?  

If your bathroom is more in the latter camp (plain jane and boring), all hope’s not lost. There are a number of ways you can transform the space into the serene, spa-like environment your stress levels need — no matter what your budget may be.

Large-scale Changes

If you’ve got some savings stowed away or are willing to refinance to cover the costs, then you can go for the full spa transformation.

Here are some larger-scale renovations you may want to include:

1. Install a deep soaking tub.

A good soak is critical to a relaxing spa experience, so make sure you’re set up to have just that. Freestanding tubs are on-trend right now, and they can add a little wow factor to the room as well. You also may want to add a floating shelf or tub caddy for storage (you have to put those candles and loofahs somewhere!)

2. Upgrade the floor.

Replacing your floor can also be a great way to add some spa-like flair to your bathroom. Travertine tile can be a great touch, as can simple concrete slab. If you really have a budget to work with, heated tile is a good option, adding both aesthetic beauty and extra comfort — particularly in colder climates. 

3. Revamp your shower.

If you’ve still got the basic, builder-grade tub-showed combo in your home, it’s time to make a change. Opt for a wider, walk-in shower with seating, built-in alcoves for storage, and stylish tile (no more linoleum or fiberglass.)

4. Install a fireplace or aquarium.

Every spa has a focal point — a huge aquarium, a crackling fireplace, a tinkling water fountain, or something similar. They add ambiance to the space while also letting you clear your head and just zen out. Bonsai gardens are also a nice touch.

5. Add windows.

There’s nothing like natural light, especially if you’re going for a more spa-like environment. Add floor to ceiling windows, or just install a couple of skylights on the ceiling. The natural light will add a more open and relaxed feel to the space.

Budget-friendly Options

If you don’t have much cash to work with but still want to revamp that stark and boring bathroom, you still have plenty of options. 

Consider these more budget-friendly projects instead:

6. Changing up your lighting.

Skylights might not be in the budget, but maybe you could add some recessed lighting or even a few dimmer switches? Removing bright fluorescent bulbs and switching to smaller, more delicate sconces can also be pretty transformative. 

7. Add marbelized wallpaper.

Can’t afford to tile the walls? Consider marbelized wallpaper instead. It gives that stone-like look, without all hassle and cash that real marble requires. It comes in all colors and tones, too, so it’s really customizable to whatever look you’re going for.

8. Change out your showerhead.

Forget a full shower replacement. Instead, just swap out the showerhead. A rainfall head can be a nice option, as can a massaging showerhead. Waterfall showerheads can also be quite impactful.

9. Update your cabinets.

Have old, outdated cabinets? Rather than replace them, consider refacing or just painting them instead. A simple coat of white or grey can make a huge difference (and it’s easily done in a weekend, too). 

10. Bring in nature.

No spa is complete without a little touch of nature. Whether it’s a few ferns, a bonsai tree, or a full shelf of plants and flowers, foliage is a must for a true zen-like experience. Just make sure you choose hardy plants that can stand up to the moisture and steam your bathroom creates. 

11. Install a speaker.

Bring in those nature sounds and Enya with a shower speaker or even just an Amazon Echo or other smart device located on a counter or shelf.  Spas are always pumping in the relaxing tunes, and your space should be no different.

12. Change out the color palette.

The easiest way to transform your bathroom is a with a color palette change. That might mean adding some wallpaper, painting an accent wall, or even just changing out the rugs, shower curtain, or countertop accessories. Swapping out your cabinet hardware can also make a big impact. Most spas go for more natural hues, like tans, browns, greys, and blues

Need help funding your spa retreat renovations?

Want to change up that tired bathroom but don’t have the funds? A cash-out refinance may be able to help. Get in touch with Embrace Home Loans today to learn about your financial options. We’re here to help.

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