Sell Your Stuff Online With These 12 Websites and Apps

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Whether you’re prepping to move, doing some decluttering, or just need to generate a little extra cash, selling your unwanted belongings can help you do it.

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever, too. 

There’s no stopping by pawn shops or thrift stores, and you don’t need to wheel and deal at flea markets or antique shops. With the following 12 sites and apps, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection, a few photos of your items, and you can start cashing in right away with. Here’s how to sell your stuff online:

1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook’s Marketplace section is a great way to sell items to others in your community. You can add photos, write a listing description, select a category, and make your post public. This allows you to sell both to your own social network and other Facebook users in the area. You can also add your listing to various resale groups in your city, giving your item even more exposure.

2. eBay

This old standard is still around, and it’s an easy way to sell stuff to buyers across the world. eBay is ideal for vintage items and collectibles, but you can also use it to sell everything from cars and clothes to tools and toys. Though it’s free to sell up to 50 items a month, don’t forget the shipping and handling fees (or factor them into your price). 

3. OfferUp

OfferUp is a mobile app, but it’s one of the biggest trending resale platforms out there right now. You can post your items for free, as long as you’re willing to meet up in person to hand them off, but if you’re looking to promote your post or go national, you’ll need to cough up a fee. A nice perk? The app has a built-in payment system to make the financial details easy.

4. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a free mobile platform that connects neighbors with neighbors. If you don’t want to travel far to offload your items, its “For Sale & Free” section can be pretty helpful. The great thing about this option is that everyone has been thoroughly vetted (your address must be verified by phone or postcard before you can sign up). 

5. LetGo

LetGo is another resale app that’s on-trend right now, offering users the chance to “let go” of items they just don’t need anymore. It’s free, and all it takes is a photo of your item and a price, and you can start selling right away. The platform’s particularly popular for selling cars (and car parts), electronics, tools, and even rooms for rent.

6. & 7. For electronics: Decluttr & Gazelle

Decluttr is a resale platform specifically for technology and tech-related items. It also takes a different approach to selling. Instead of connecting you with individual buyers out there, Decluttr purchases your items itself. They accept a wide variety of technology, including tablets, computers, video game consoles, DVDs, and more. And on used smartphones? It claims to offer prices 33% higher than most phone carriers. 

Gazelle is another similar platform where you can sell MP3 players, tablets, computers, Apple products, and more. Like Decluttr, Gazelle purchases items outright. It also offers a trade-in program.

8. 5Miles

5Miles is an interesting one because it has some built-in safety features that might set some sellers at ease. First, it limits who can view your listings to verified, vetted users within five square miles. On top of this, it also helps you find a safe meeting point in the area. It also has an add-on service called 5Miles Dash, which can deliver items right to your buyers’ doors.

9. & 10. For clothes: Poshmark & ThredUp

If you’re cleaning out your closets, Poshmark and ThredUp are both great options. ThredUp is only for kids and women’s fashions (including accessories, purses, shoes, and even maternity), while Poshmark is more varied. It also includes men’s categories, as well as categories for home decor, office supplies, and party items.

11. Gameflip

If you’re a gamer (or you’ve just outgrown some of the video or computer games in your house, Gameflip can help. You can also sell gaming accessories, collectibles, consoles, movies, and even in-game items for some of the industry’s most popular titles. 

12. Craigslist

Finally, there’s Craigslist. This is another localized marketplace that allows you to connect with buyers in your exact community. The site boasts categories for everything from antiques and appliances to musical instruments, jewelry, and household items. You can even post to the site’s “barter” section if you’re willing to make a trade or are flexible on pricing. Just make sure you’re careful about who you sell to, and always meet in a well-lit, public place.

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