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    Tired of hearing “I’m bored” from those kiddos stuck at home?

    Then you’re in luck.

    Autumn is here, and with it comes a whole slew of fun, fall activities to keep them entertained.

    From jumping in leaf piles to decorating for Halloween, there are tons of ways for littles to ring in the new season — and have fun while doing it.

    Need some inspiration?

    Try these 12 fall kids’ activity ideas on for size

    1. Bake a pumpkin pie.

    Fill your home with delicious pumpkin spice scents — and get a tasty dessert while you’re at it. If you’re not a fan of pumpkin pie, there are tons of other fall-themed desserts you can bake with the kiddos instead, including apple pies, pecan pies, or even zucchini bread.

    2. Spookify the yard.

    Go all out this year with the Halloween decorations. Turn the yard into a haunted graveyard, hang orange and black string lights from the porch, or put together a spooky scarecrow to guard the mailbox. Let the kids get creative.

    3. Play in the leaves.

    Once the leaves start falling, make raking them up fun. Rake them into giant piles and take turns jumping in. You can even put on capes and pretend to be superheroes while doing it.

    When you’re done, put all the leaves in orange trash bags, and use a black marker to make them look like jack-o-lanterns.

    4. Make candy apples.

    This one’s as fun as it is tasty.

    Just round up some apples, put a popsicle stick in each, and then dip them in melted caramel. You can then let the kids top them with whatever treats they like — nuts, sprinkles, M&Ms, etc. The options are endless.

    5. Head to a pumpkin patch.

    All kids love carving pumpkins. But this year? Forget just picking one up at the grocery store. Instead, take them out to a pumpkin patch to make the pick themselves.

    Lots of pumpkin patches have other activities, too — like hay rides or corn mazes, so that could be an option, too.

    6. Go on a scavenger hunt.

    Send the kids on a scavenger hunt, and help them learn about all the changes fall brings about. Have them look for different colored leaves, a fuzzy caterpillar, fall flowers, and more.

    You can even have prizes for whoever finishes first.

    7. Have a backyard campout.

    Once the weather cools, take the whole family on a camping “trip” in the yard. You can roast marshmallows over the fire pit, look for constellations in the sky, sing campfire songs, and sleep in a tent or under the stars.

    The best part? You still have access to the kitchen and bathroom if you need it!

    8. Send out Thanksgiving cards.

    Ask the kiddos to name five people they’re thankful for in their life.

    • Grandma?
    • Aunt Joan?
    • Their best friend Jimmy?

    Once they have it narrowed down, help them make Thanksgiving cards for all those special people and send them via snail mail. They’ll make someone’s day brighter, and they might even get some mail in return (and what kid doesn’t love mail?)

    9. Try leaf rubbing.

    Time for some arts and crafts!

    • Step 1: Gather up some fallen leaves in different shapes and sizes, and give them a good wiping (they need to be clean and dry first).
    • Step 2: Then, gather up some paper and crayons, and lay the leaves on the table.
    • Step 3: Put a sheet of paper over the leaves, and rub the crayon lengthwise back and forth across the paper.

    Images of the leaves should start to appear. 

    10. Have a Halloween movie marathon.

    If the kids are older, set aside a Saturday and spend it watching scary movies.

    Everyone gets to pick one! If you’ve got little ones on your hands, head to Netflix or Disney+ more kid-friendly options. (My kiddos love “Spookley the Square Pumpkin.”)

    11. Go bird watching.

    Get out some binoculars and post up in a nearby park. Ask your kiddos to see how many different types of birds they can spot. You could even have them draw the birds with some crayons and paper, or bring along a bird guidebook to help identify each species. 

    12. Make your own ice cream.

    This activity is part science experiment, part tasty treat. You just need a plastic baggie, a handful of ingredients you probably already have in the house, and your own two hands. Just follow these directions, and you’ll have homemade ice cream in about 10 minutes.

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