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    You spend a lot of time in your bedroom. (Hopefully at least eight hours a night, too!) 

    But when’s the last time you revisited its decor?

    Does it look the same as the day you moved in?

    Does it scream of decades past?

    If so, it might be time for a refresh. 

    Fortunately, that doesn’t have to mean a full-scale renovation or lots in costs.

    10 simple and affordable ways to give your bedroom a new look

    1. Repaint or wallpaper it.

    Giving the walls a new coat of paint or even some bold wallpaper is a great way to make an instant impact. If you don’t want to put in a whole ton of time, you could just do an accent wall — or even repaint the molding or another small feature.

    With the right color, the difference could be striking.

    2. Add ceiling tiles.

    You could also redo your fifth wall — the ceiling. Paint works here as well, but an even better option? That’d be ceiling tiles.

    These come in all sorts of styles (even mirrored) and can give your space a really pulled together and classic look.

    3. Swap out your light fixtures.

    Still have that builder-grade sconce on your ceiling?

    Swap it out for something different. That might mean a subtle drum or pendant light, a bold chandelier, or even just a decorative ceiling fan. Track lighting can be a nice addition, too, in the right space.

    4. Rearrange the furniture.

    Sometimes, all it takes is reimagining what’s already there to make a difference. Move your bed to a different wall, swap the placement of your bookcases and your dresser, and find a new way to arrange any wall decor, too.

    You’d be surprised at how different a space can look with just a new layout.

    5. Install a closet system.

    Tired of the shoes on the floor and the piles of laundry in the corner?

    Think about installing a closet system — one with plenty of shelves, hanging areas, and drawers, too. They’ll help you keep your closet (and entire bedroom) cleaner, and they’ll also make your home more marketable once you’re ready to sell down the line.

    Gallery walls can be a great way to add visual interest to a space, as well as a personal touch.

    You can work in family photos, artwork, mirrors, or even customizable letter boards or bulletin boards (you can swap out what’s on them next time you get that itch to redecorate!) 

    7. Change the window treatments.

    Switching out your curtains, drapes, and even blinds is another way to give your room a quick facelift without investing too much time or money. You can swap to floor-to-ceiling ones for a bolder, more dramatic look, add in patterned ones for a touch of fun, or just install some light, airy curtains to brighten up the space. 

    If you’ve got old vinyl blinds, you might also think about an upgrade there. Switching them for thick wood blinds or roll-down shades could make a big difference visually.

    8. Add some greenery.

    Bring a touch of the outside in with some ferns, a potted tree or plant, or even just some succulents. A nice bonus? Greenery is supposed to be a mood booster, and some plants can even help purify your air (like aloe, for example).

    9. Get an area rug.

    Sick of that old carpeting?

    While ripping it up and installing hardwood might be ideal, that’s also expensive and time-consuming. Instead, invest in a large area rug. It can give your floor a full-on makeover without actually requiring any work.

    If you opt for a two-piece option like Ruggable, you can even change out your rug’s look whenever you feel the urge.

    10. Swap out the linens and pillows.

    Your bed is probably the most noticeable thing in your room, so giving that a makeover? It can have a huge impact.

    Change out your duvet cover for something in a different color or pattern, get some new sheets, and update your decorative pillows, too. You might consider adding a headboard if you don’t already have one (or swapping out your existing one for a new look if you do).

    Need cash for that bedroom makeover?

    Want to give your bedroom a new look but just don’t have the funds to finance it right now? A cash-out refinance could be a good option.

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