10 Ways to Avoid Cabin Fever While You’re Snowed In

Man looking out a window on a snowy morning

Snow days at home always seem fun at first—who doesn’t love an excuse to skip work or school, stay inside, and get cozy in front of a fire? However, after a while, many of us can only watch so much Netflix before we start to get a touch of cabin fever.

If you’re snowed in right now and going a little stir crazy, don’t worry—we’re here for you. This is the perfect opportunity to try a new home improvement project, give something a little extra thought (because you finally have some free time), or plan for the future.

Take control of your snow day with these 10 ideas

  1. Have fun with a DIY project, like this reclaimed whale.
  2. Develop that budget you always say you’re going to make.
  3. Learn how to list your home on Airbnb so you can get out of dodge next time there’s a snowstorm coming.
  4. Spend some extra time to find a really unique, meaningful gift online.
  5. Think of small changes you could make at home that would have a big impact. (Did someone say “black bathroom walls“?)
  6. Perform maintenance on home appliances that you’ve been putting off forever.
  7. Research charities you may want to donate to this year.
  8. Create a plan of attack for saving money the next time you go grocery shopping.
  9. Chill out, embrace your inner child, and sit down for a relaxing session of coloring.
  10. Work on those New Year’s resolutions that you haven’t quite gotten around to yet.

Snow days can be the perfect “catch up” day for whatever you feel you’ve fallen behind in—whether it be home improvement, self-improvement, or even just relaxation. Figure out how you can use this extra free time to get back on track…but don’t forget to get outside and throw a snowball or two when you’re done.


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