10 Things to Post on Social Media

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What to post on Social Media

If you find yourself struggling to find something to post on Facebook, Twitter or your other social media sites, here are 10 things you can post anytime.

Ideas to get you started

  1. Start a Conversation by asking a question:  Rather than announcing something why not start a conversation? Try posting two different kitchen or bath styles and asking your followers to provide feedback on which they prefer. Ask them to submit their own favorites as well.
  2. Highlight a local business: Highlight a business owner or share a business experience you’ve had in your community. Include a link to that particular business, then track it using google analytics to share the number of times you’re followers have visited their site.
  3. Introduce your referral partners:  As you acquire new potential referral partners announce the new partnership and actively promote their business.
  4. Local news and statistics:  No one knows more about what’s going on around town than you. Plans for a new housing development, the opening of a new store, restaurant or business, traffic statistics, income levels, and other changes in local demographics, all make for an interesting post.
  5. Holiday Messages:  There isn’t a month that goes by that doesn’t have a holiday. There are also many lesser holidays. For example did you know that November 17 was National Black Cat Day? You’ll want to avoid religious holidays or anything you feel might be controversial. Here’s a link to a long list of wacky holidays for 2018.
  6. Highlight a remodeling project:  Post a current or former client’s recent remodeling Include before and after shots. Ask your followers to submit remodeling projects that they or their friends and family have recently completed.
  7. Share success stories:  Post when you’ve successfully helped a client buy or sell a home. Include a photo of the lawn sign and congratulate the new owners.
  8. Recognize life events:  New home, new baby, graduations, etc. life events happen every day. All you need to do is share them.
  9. Recognize local charities: You should be engaged in assisting one or more local charities as part of your networking efforts. Keep your followers up-to-date on fundraisers and other events where you or others you know participate.
  10. Miscellaneous: Inspirational quotes, word of the day, and fun facts are staples, but with a little thought they can make for an interesting daily, weekly, or monthly post.

When you post, include your logo and links to your website and the other social media platforms that you are on. Also, don’t forget to like and share posts you think will interest your followers. Rotating through these and other ideas like them, on a regular base should give you plenty to post.

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