10 Things Successful People Do to Start Their Day

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It’s fascinating to think that the steps we take early in our day could have a monumental impact on our wellbeing and productivity. And they do! The choices we make can set the tone for the rest of our waking hours. So why not take inspiration from what some of the most successful people in the world do to start their day? Here’s a rundown of what we found:

1. They get up earlier than most.

By getting up earlier than most people, you not only have a head start on the day — you have a head start on your competition. We read that Virgin Group founder Richard Branson gets up at 5 a.m., which is earlier than most. But retired U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal wakes at 4 a.m., and Apple CEO Tim Cook wakes up at 3:45 a.m!

2. They start moving.

Many studies have found that early morning exercise is the key to lowering stress and losing weight. No wonder so many famous people start the day by working out, from former president Barack Obama to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

3. They drink water.

At the moment you wake up, your body has just spent seven or eight hours without water, which is literally the most important thing your body needs. Actress Jennifer Aniston has said she starts every day by drinking hot water with a slice of lemon. Whether you drink it hot or cold, with or without lemon, drinking water is essential for the body to work properly — much like putting oil in an engine.

4. They feed their brains.

Reading is fundamental for success. Billionaire investor Warren Buffett starts every day by reading — and he usually doesn’t stop, often spending up to 80% of his day devouring news and information of all kinds.

5. They take a moment for themselves.

Tony Robbins believes people should spend the first 10 or 15 minutes of every day focusing on themselves. He does it by performing a series of intense breathing exercises designed to improve his overall wellbeing, and by also expressing gratitude for the people and things in his life.

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6. They follow a plan.

Knowing what you’re going to do ahead of time can be a huge help. American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault starts every morning by performing a list of three activities he made before he left his office the day before.

7. They make their bed.

It always feels good to get something done. Tim Ferriss, motivational speaker and author of “The 4-Hour Work Week,” makes his bed before doing anything else. Why? It gives him a sense of pride and an immediate feeling of accomplishment to start the day.

8. They motivate themselves.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs gave himself a pep talk every morning by looking in the mirror and asking himself, “If today was the last day of my life, would I be happy with what I’m about to do today?” (What would your answer be?)

9. They spend time with family.

What’s more important than family? Amazon’s Jeff Bezos eats a leisurely, healthy breakfast and avoids early morning meetings in order to spend more time with his wife and four kids. That’s pretty cool.

10. They do something that makes them happy.

Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill began each day with some whisky and a cigar. Not that we would ever recommend following his example, but the man did live to age 90! What makes you happy?

One thing all successful people seem to share is a zest for life — and at Embrace Home Loans, we do too. In fact, we believe each of us has enormous possibilities within ourselves to do anything we want to, in work or in our personal lives.

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