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    Let’s face it: not everyone’s into football.

    Unless you’re only inviting a group of die-hard fans over, not everyone at your Super Bowl party is going to be entranced by the game, rooting on their favorite team, or waiting with bated breath for kickoff. 

    In fact, a good chunk may just be there for the commercials. Or the camaraderie. Or the bean dip.

    Whatever their reason for being there — the football or the friends — your guests want to be entertained, and having the right Super Bowl party games on hand can help.

    Want to make sure your Super Bowl Sunday partiers have a good time, regardless of age or level of interest in the game? Make sure these games are on your agenda.

    Super Bowl Party Games for the Adults

    • Prop bets – Put together a sheet of predictions, and have each of your guests weigh in. What will the final score be? How many fast food or car commercials will you see? How long will the national anthem last? At the end of the game, tally up who got the most questions right, and the winner gets a prize!
    • Chili cook-off – Ask your guests to bring their best pot of chili. Do taste tests throughout the game, and ask everyone to vote for the chili they liked the best. You can do awards for best overall, spiciest, most original, etc. You can also alter this game for non-chili foods — maybe best dip or appetizer instead?
    • Bingo – Create Bingo cards with common (and not-so-common) Super Bowl sightings — things like face-painted fans, flags on the field, celebrity appearances, and more. Hand out markers, and have guests try to make Bingo before the game’s up. Have prizes or a special favor for the winner.
    • Flag football – If you have enough people for two teams, head to the backyard or cul de sac for a quick game of flag football. Make sure you stock up on flags and different colored t-shirts or mesh jerseys beforehand (not everyone is comfortable going shirts vs. skins!)
    • Cornhole – Set up a few cornhole boards and stock up on bean bags before the big game. Set them up in your yard or on the sidewalk, and start up a tournament. Adjust the distance, and kids can play along, too!
    • A photo booth – Grab a table, and designate a corner of your home the “photo booth.” Hang a fun curtain in the background, cover the table in props, funny hats, and glasses, and use a chalkboard to display your party hashtag. Encourage your guests to take selfies at the photo booth and post them to social media using your hashtag. Once the party’s over, head to Facebook and Instagram to gather the photos, and send out an email gallery to all your guests to recap the fun of the evening.

    Kid-friendly Super Bowl Party Games

    • Finger football – Set up a card table, cover it with a plastic tablecloth, and draw a look-alike “football field” on top in black marker. Then, make a few paper footballs, and encourage the kiddos to compete in a finger football tournament. Make sure to have candy or fun prizes on hand for the winner.
    • Hot football – The is one of those Super Bowl party games that’s like “hot potato,” but with a football! Ask the kiddos to sit in a circle and pass the football around chanting “Hot football, hot football, who’s got the hot football? If you have the hot football, you are OUT!” Whoever has the football when the word “out” comes up will sit on the sidelines until only one player remains. 
    • Scavenger hunt –  Create a scavenger hunt checklist, and fill it with items found around the house, in the yard, or somewhere nearby in the neighborhood. Have the kids break into teams of two or three, and give each team a Polaroid camera to document their finds (they can also use their phones if they’re old enough). The first team to find all the items (and show the proof of it) wins!
    • Obstacle course – Use your yard to create a fun obstacle course for the kiddos. Include things like three-legged races, basketball throws, ring toss, and more. Have activities for both solo and team courses to really keep the little ones active and entertained.

    You can also set out board games, cards, and gaming systems to keep your guests entertained indoors, while horseshoe, basketball, and even chalk can be good ways to occupy your friends outside when the weather’s nice. Make sure to have plenty of snacks, drinks and seating, too — this will keep guests happy and comfortable the entire party through.

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