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    It’s that time of year: the time when school’s out, the kids are “bored,” and you’re just plain out of ideas for constructive activities.

    Fortunately, we have you covered.

    Are you stuck on what to entertain the kiddos with this week? Here are 10 activities that can help:

    1. Take a cooking class.

    Whether they become a world-class chef or a five-star mom, great cooking will take your child far. Thankfully, tons of cooking schools have taken to the web lately, making it easier than ever to hone those culinary skills and learn your way around the kitchen. 

    Here are just a few places your little ones can brush up on their baking or cooking skills:

    You can also just pull out some old family recipes or challenge your family to a bake-off. Dub another family member or friend the judge, and see who wins!

    2. Go on a virtual vacation.

    Traveling might be out of the question right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t expose your little one to global culture right now. Dozens of museums, landmarks, historical sites, and other major hotspots are offering virtual tours right now — many of them free. Just log on, take a digital walkthrough, and experience the world around you.

    3. Create a neighborhood newspaper.

    Help develop your kids’ reading and writing skills, and have them start a community newspaper.

    • What’s the latest news around the neighborhood?
    • Which dogs are lost?
    • Who’s selling lemonade today?

    You could even help them design it on a computer and then print it and pass it out to all the neighbors.

    4. Have a field day.

    Get the kiddos active with a good old fashioned field day. Set up an obstacle course, put out some hula hoops, and get that limbo bar ready. If you have multiple children, you could even do potato sack races and other team-based games.

    Make sure to have a prize on hand for first, second, and third place, and plan a fun award ceremony to make everyone feel special.

    5. Put on a talent show.

    Forget just watching TV or listening to music. Have your kids make their own unique form of entertainment with their very own talent show. Help them learn songs, make up dances, try out new magic tricks, or even try ventriloquism and entertain the neighbors. You could even set up a Zoom call and let the grandparents peek in once it’s show time.

    6. Teach Fido some tricks.

    If you’ve got a furry friend, task your little ones with spending some quality time with them. Have them train your dog to sit, fetch, lay, or shake, or you could even have them practice walking, grooming, and feeding their pup themselves. It teaches responsibility and makes Fido feel more loved in one fell swoop.

    7. Start your own business.

    Teach your kids about entrepreneurship, hard work, and managing money by helping them start their very own business. Maybe it’s a lemonade stand on the corner, a weeding and gardening service, or just babysitting or swim lessons in your backyard pool.

    The options are endless; just make sure it uses their skills, earns them a little side cash, and helps them understand the value of a dollar.

    8. Learn a new instrument.

    There’s never been a better time to learn an instrument. Virtual music lessons are being offered by just about every major music school, and if you’re tight on funds, instruments can be cheap, too (stick to things like a beginner acoustic guitar, a small keyboard, or a mini drum kit). You could even sit in on the lessons and learn a new skill yourself.

    9. Do some redecorating.

    If your kids still have that old nursery decor you put in before they were born, it’s time for a little redecorating. Work with your little ones to design a new aesthetic — new paint or wallpaper colors, new accessories, and a new theme. Then, let them help shop, paint, and install the new decor with you. They’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and probably want to spend a bit more time there, too — a big win for any busy mom or dad.

    10. Create your own Amazing Race.

    Divide your family into teams, and craft a real-life, neighborhood-wise scavenger hunt a la The Amazing Race. Come up with riddles that each team has to solve, hide some clues, and put together a map.

    The first team to the final destination wins a prize!

    Boredom, be gone

    Don’t let the summer slump get your kiddos down. Crank out some of these creative activities, and keep their minds and bodies sharp all summer long. 

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