10 Real Estate Agent Marketing Tools to Increase Business in 2020

real estate marketing tools

Marketing is front and center in any real estate agent’s career. 

Not only do agents need to market themselves to their communities (after all, there are more than 1 million real estate agents in the U.S. alone), but they also need the marketing chops to sell their listings — and do it for top-dollar, too.

Unfortunately, marketing often comes with a catch-22. Great marketing brings in new business, but the busier an agent gets, the less time there is to focus on those lead generation efforts.

Sound familiar? Don’t fret. There are a number of tools and tech platforms that can pick up the slack, even automating and improving your efforts in the process

1. Placester

Placester lets you create customize websites (for yourself, for specific properties, etc.) within minutes. You can also integrate an MLS search function, lead capture forms, a blog, and more. There’s even a content and photo library you can pull from to reduce your workload.

2. SmartAlto

Forget using dated email campaigns to stay in touch with your database. SmartAlto lets you communicate with clients the way they want — via text. Just upload your contact list, and the platform helps you send right-timed messages that qualify, nurture, and convert those leads, so you don’t have to.

3. ScheduleOnce

Scheduling gets streamlined with the ScheduleOnce tool. All you do is set up your scheduling scenarios, integrate your team’s calendars, publish on your website, email campaign, or another outlet, and let the appointments start rolling in. ScheduleOnce integrates easily with Google, Outlook, Office 365, and iCloud calendars, as well as tools like Salesforce, Zapier, GoToMeeting, and more.

4. Follow Up Boss

Falling behind on your lead nurturing efforts? Follow Up Boss can help. The tool tracks all of your emails, inbound/outbound calls, and more, so no lead ever falls through the cracks. It also organizes your inbox and phone book by lead, and updates your caller ID so you always know who’s calling and just how important that call can be. Follow Up Boss also has auto-texting and emailing functions to keep up with leads when you’re unable to.

5. First.io

First lets you tap your existing personal network to generate more leads and sales. Put simply, it leverages data and machine learning to locate “likely sellers” within an agent’s sphere of influence — their email lists, phone book, social media connections, etc. The tool’s only been around a short while, but its agents are earning an additional five to nine deals per year — significant cash considering the average commission. 

6. ManyChat

With ManyChat, you can build your own virtual assistant chatbot in just a few minutes. Start with one of the platform’s many templates, drag and drop your design, and add in scripts and forms. The tool can then engage with prospects on Facebook Messenger, even scheduling appointments, sending them to your website, and more. You can also integrate ManyChat with MailChimp, Google Sheets, Hubspot, and other marketing tools you might be using.

7. Promo

It’s no secret that in real estate, visuals matter. And more and more, buyers aren’t just expecting high-quality photos — they want videos and video tours, too. With Promo, making property videos is a breeze. The tool comes with dozens of free-to-use templates you can personalize with your own branding, messaging, and more. Once you’re done, just export the video and post it to your website, add it to your listings, or even use it on social media or in a Facebook ad campaign.

8. ListReports

ListReports aims to streamline every facet of a listing agent’s marketing efforts. You just enter in an address, and the tool sends you a comprehensive marketing kit just for that property. It comes with open house assets, a property report and website, neighborhood infographics, postcards, Facebook graphics and posts, and even a detailed pre-listing presentation. You can even invite your preferred lender to the platform to unlock even more features.

9. dashCMA

This tool is all about pricing perspective. Use dashCMA to get deep-dive insights into local comps, price trends, competition, and more, so you can make sure your properties are optimally priced from the very start. With dashCMA’s help, you can win more listings, secure faster sales, and ensure client satisfaction and referrals every time.

10. MeetEdgar

Don’t have time to manage your social media accounts? Let MeetEdgar do it for you. Use the tool to schedule out blogs, articles, and posts, or set up an automated scheduled to promote your evergreen website content on a regular basis. You can even use the tool to create new posts on your behalf. It uses natural language processing to mimic the same voice and tone of past posts, so your content is always consistent. MeetEdgar works with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

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